About Us


In December of 2017, vocalist Robert Wilson, guitarist Julian Ferretti, and drummer Ben Ryan formed the band with the hopes of taking on slamming deathcore with a positive take. 


Some of the band's biggest musical influences include the classic Job for a Cowboy, Infant Annihilator, and even the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, Interstellar.

Slamming Deathcore

Cardiac Rupture can ultimately be described as slamming deathcore, sometimes taking things slow and heavy, sometimes taking things fast and stunning.

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Who is Cardiac Rupture?

CR was founded through Facebook between Robert Wilson, Julian Ferretti, and Ben Ryan in December of 2017 with the sole intent to make heavy music with a positive influence. Most slamming bands certainly take a shock-and-awe gore approach, so much so that its stereotypical and dry. The new shock-and-awe comes from the change in pace Cardiac Rupture hoped to achieve in the lyrics. Part of this positivity come from the faith of Julian and Robert, so much so that the band is considered Christian.

The reason for a noticeable lack of live pictures or band photo shoots is because Ben and Robert live near Detroit, Michigan while Julian resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Another unique part of Cardiac Rupture is the vocalist's age. Still attending high school, all of "The Creator's Hand" was written and recorded at Robert's age of 16. 

Writing for Cardiac Rupture's upcoming EP "The Creator's Hand" began immediately after the members got together. Over the course of the entire year of 2018, the EP was planned, written, recorded, mixed, and mastered completely. 

"The Creator's Hand" is a concept album as well. It begins with the protagonist, intentionally unnamed because he is us. In a vision one night, he finds himself upon the gates of heaven, but not before needing to traverse a long hallway.  It's a gallery of paintings. Of suffering. It is here each song is shaped by the paintings.